My Language & Literacy



This curriculum area is at the heart of everything we do with pupils learning to communicate using a variety of signs and symbols to support the individual needs of the student. Pupils are encouraged to expand their range of communication skills as they progress through the school.  Students are supported to engage in discussions and presentations initially with visual aids and scaffolding, gradually building towards independence.  Reading, and particular reading for pleasure, is central to everything we do with our creative topic-based curriculum approach using a book as the hook.  Sensory stories, audio texts, Makaton and programs such as Communicate in Print ease access to a variety of text types and allow for greater reading for pleasure. We have a book band reading scheme system encouraging students to access a breadth of different texts as well as following the Accelerated Reading programme for students who have started their more independent reading journey.  With our older students, as we prepare for adulthood, our literacy work becomes more functional in its approach with a range of qualifications to be gained.


Supporting Literacy difficulties

Warwickshire EPS Literacy Guidance


Curriculum Improvement Lead- Lisa Cleveley