Evergreen Therapeutic Support

Therapeutic Play

At Evergreen School we make the health and wellbeing of our students a top priority.

Play Therapy provides our students with the opportunity to play out their feelings and problems in a safe space with a qualified, trusted adult. Play is essential for healthy development and wellbeing. Offering play therapy on site in school allows us to maximise the potential of every student.

At Evergreen School we have a qualified play therapist and a trainee therapeutic play practitioner who are able to deliver 1:1 sessions for students who may require additional support for a variety of reasons – to aid development, build confidence or for emotional support.


Therapeutic Music

Similar to play but using music, students do not need to be budding musicians to access this therapy.  Music therapy is the use of music to address the physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of an individual. It employs a variety of activities, such as listening to melodies, playing an instrument, drumming, writing songs, and guided imagery. Music therapy can help students express their emotions and creativity, develop communication and interaction skills and learn reciprocal skills, providing a safe space to express themselves.

At Evergreen School we work with Warwickshire Music and currently have one qualified music therapist as well as one student therapist working together across both sites.