Transition to Adulthood

Preparing for Adulthood

Evergreen School’s ‘Leaves’ department is a thriving and exciting environment to be in. Our main aim is to prepare our young people for adult life. We follow the Evergreen Leaves Curriculum, which evolves with the ever-changing needs of the students and incorporates work-based and practical activities that develop the life and work skills all our young people need to feel successful and fulfilled.

We offer a variety of accredited courses through the Open Awards and students follow pathways which will lead to accreditation. This year we are offering three pathways; Sports & Fitness, Enterprise and Independence. These courses are coordinated by Sarah Johnson, our Accreditation Lead.

Students also have the opportunity to gain work experience in our school Book Cafe and Enterprise shop.

We also link our curriculum closely to the four EHCP areas for post-16 students:

  • Friends, Relationships and Community Inclusion
  • Learning and Employment Related Skills
  • Independence, Life skills and Community living skills
  • Health & Psychological Well-being

Transition Out of School Process

  • School will fund and arrange an independent careers interview for every young person in year 7, year 9 and every year from year 11 upwards 
  • Annual Reviews for leavers will be held in Autumn Term 
  • Aspirations and career pathways will be discussed at the annual review and logged under Looking Forward (Section I of EHCP) this will be sent to SENDAR. SENDAR may attend the annual reviews of pupils who we know are leaving at the end of the academic year. 
  • A preference form from the LA will be sent home in the Autumn term (by Evergreen) for all students year 11 upwards. This needs to be returned to school and school will send this off to the local authority by the end of November.  
  • Please note, SENDAR will always consult with the nearest mainstream FE college to determine if the student’s needs can be met and the support be delivered, as outlined in Section F of the EHCP 
  • The LA will update the young person’s EHCP, parents will receive a notice to amend from SENDAR   
  • It is the parents’/carers’ responsibility to start looking at and visiting colleges at least a year before they plan to leave (preferably two years). 
  • School will share any information we receive about open days form other colleges and a careers fair will be held in the Autumn Term at Evergreen  
  • The parents/carers need to apply for the courses that their young person wishes to attend 
  • The young person will then be invited for an interview and maybe a taster day. Parents will be expected to support these visits, however school will also organise transition visits for local colleges / specialist provision. 


  • Once a place has been offered to your young person, the college will then contact Evergreen school and ask us for the information that they require. This will include attainment levels for English and Maths and/or any other courses that they are expected to successfully complete. 
  • Evergreen School will send any relevant information as and when requested by the many different colleges, this usually includes an updated EHCP and any other multi-disciplinary reports and medical information that we hold.  
  • It is our responsibility to send safeguarding logs within the first week of the young person starting college. 
  • Please note that Evergreen school is not required to send all information held in school for your young person. 
  • The college will ask parents and carers at a later date to see the certificates for any accredited courses that the young person has completed successfully. 
  • The exam boards will send us the certificates by the end of November. Evergreen School will then host an awards evening where students will receive their certificates attained from the previous year. This event will usually take place during December. Please note that we cannot legally post the certificates; they must be collected in person. We do not replace certificates if they are lost (parents/carers would need to apply to the relevant examine board for replacement certificates). Parents/carers must keep them safe as there is a significant charge to replace them. 

Useful Information can be found here: Warwickshire Post 16 Help

Career Seekers Direct- Post-16


Important dates for Leavers:

Friday 3rd December 2021Deadline for ‘Post 16-19 preference’ forms to be returned to SENDAR, indicating preferred destination for the following academic year. These are completed EVERY YEAR for students aged 16-19.

Monday 28th March 2022- Deadline for Leavers to submit their preference for next destination.

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