Business Links

Here at Evergreen we like to emphasise the importance of experiencing the world of work by enabling our students to have the opportunities that most of our mainstream counterparts have access to.

Work Experience placements are understood to serve multiple purposes including developing employability skills, experience to help guide future careers and a stepping stone to feel more confident in the world of work.

We are establishing a network of businesses that we can work alongside to give our young adults a wide variety of experiences in the wider world. We are hoping to offer a wide range of work-based activities from careers fairs to mock interviews and work experience placements for our young adults.

In relation to this if you have your own business or work for a company that would be interested in collaborating with us to offer our young people the opportunity to gain an insight into how different businesses function, we would be grateful if you could contact us on

We look forward to creating young entrepreneurs of the future together.