Animal Care

Animal Care at Evergreen 

Animal Care is an important aspect of life at Evergreen. There is lots of evidence to suggest that animals provide many therapeutic benefits for children and young people with additional needs; we see those benefits every day with our students. From students using symbols to request a visit to the animal room, talking to the guinea pigs, using technology to research our animals, saving leftover veg from home to bring in for our animals – they have certainly provided many learning opportunities for us.At our Deansway Campus, we have our own animal room, where we have 3 cheeky guinea pigs – Rocket, Bingo and Moomin – who are 3 fun, squeaky balls of energy and provide lots of entertainment for our children! They have enjoyed their holidays at Brittain Lane Campus where they have been lovingly stroked, fed, and played with by our older students.We also have a 3 year old Hermann tortoise, Monty, who loves a stroke under his chin, loves his weekly baths given to him by the children, and enjoys a slower and quieter pace of life. The children enjoy watching him munching on strawberries and falling asleep on top of his lunch! Monty enjoys wandering the school when the pupils have gone home – attached to his balloon, so that he doesn’t get lost! 

The guinea pigs and tortoise live in 2 big enclosures in the animal room, and spend time outside in their outside runs during the warmer months, where they are cared for (and spoilt!) by both Evergreen students and Woodloes primary students in our shared outside area.  

At our Brittain Lane Campus, we have four beautiful hens living in a large, specially-constructed enclosure. Their names are Shortbread, Cola, Daisy and Smoky.  Students regularly visit them to see what they are up to and collect the eggs to sell in the café. We are even teaching them to play the glockenspiel!

In Woodpecker Group we also have a Bearded Dragon called Harry. Sixth form students learn about Animal Care by taking care of him.

We also have hamsters in some classes on Brittain Lane Campus, where students learn a great deal from being involved in their daily care.