School Uniform

We request that all children/young people (Reception – Year 11) wear school uniform. You are welcome to use any brand of clothes that are the school uniform colours.  The most important thing is that your child feels comfortable wearing them.  We recommend jogging type trousers to promote independence with undressing/dressing for swimming and with toileting skills.

Deansway Site Uniform

Black or grey trousers/skirt

White or red t-shirt

Red school jumper or sweatshirt

Brittain Lane Uniform

Black or grey trousers/skirt

White or pale blue t-shirt

Navy blue jumper or sweatshirt


Please label all items of clothing with your child’s name to avoid confusion, especially coats and shoes. This will ensure that items are easily found and returned to you if there are any mix-ups.  Not all children will recognise their own belongings, so please help us to manage this.

Please note; Our uniform is currently being reviewed now that we are one school with a new name, but there will be no change to uniform without plenty of notice.