Understanding My World

The Understanding My World curriculum encourages knowledge and skill progression with creativity at its core. Pupils will learn about artists and art techniques, they will be encouraged to become music composers and appreciate a variety of music genres, they will be given opportunities to become historians and look at their own history as well as important historical people. Students will also be encouraged to become geographers and explorers all whilst learning about other cultures, festivals and celebrations from around the world. The progressive sequence of lessons will inspire pupils and help develop a sense of themselves as creative global citizens. Through the Understanding my World curriculum, pupils are encouraged to uphold the Evergreen values of honesty, trust and support in their everyday lives, it is hoped that the breadth of experiences will allow pupils to ‘find their joy’ and enable them to live an enhanced life.

The Understanding my World curriculum area has been divided into three strands; humanities which includes history and geography. Creative arts which include art, music and drama, and the third which is people, culture and festivals. Each strand is further divided into the skills and knowledge that the children and young people are required to gain throughout their time at Evergreen.

Alongside our curriculum, it is hoped and encouraged that pupils will have multiple experiences outside of the classroom to enrich their learning experience This is in the form of culturally rich school trips including museums, parks, shops, and performances. Pupils are also given the opportunity to sing in the choir and learn a musical instrument.

The understanding my World curriculum allows for and encourages our children and young people to find their place in the world and to become outstanding citizens of it.

Curriculum Improvement Lead- Dawn Sauvage