Meet Evergreen School Full Governing Board

The core functions of the governing board are:

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction.
  • Holding senior leaders to account for the educational performance of the organisation, its pupils, and the performance management of staff.
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the organisation and making sure its money is well spent

Evergreen School’s governance model includes a finance, premises and investment¬†and¬†quality of education¬†sub-committee.

Evergreen Governance Structure and Roles

¬† ¬† ¬†Ian Pavey ‚Äď Co-opted Governor, Chair of Governors
Appointed: June 2017 by Ridgeway Governing Body | Term of Office: 4 Years | Expires: June 2025

Business Interests: N/A 

I was a governor at Ridgeway school from 2017 and was elected Chair of the governing board in 2018. In 2019 I was proud to be asked by the Local Authority to chair the Interim Executive board at the former Round Oak school. Together with colleagues on the IEB and the Local Authority we set about working to improve the school, and then with Nick and his team at Ridgeway and the governing board created the all-through school that is Evergreen. I am immensely proud to be part of something really special, a school that provides a great education for our most vulnerable and special children and young people in a warm, loving, and nurturing environment. I strongly believe that all children and young people deserve the best opportunities that life has to offer, and Evergreen School does that.

I live just outside of Stratford upon Avon with Madi, my partner, and our son Luke, who is 12. I have two older children – Chris (37) and Laura (35) and three grandchildren aged from 5 months to 11. I enjoy reading, walking, cycling, listening to music and, when we can, the theatre. I also spend a lot of my time watching Luke play sport – particularly cricket, and Madi too as she wields a mean bat!

¬† ¬†Nick Evans ‚Äď Unelected Staff Governor, Headteacher
Appointed: January 2019 | Term of Office: 4 Years | Expires: January 2023
Business Interests: N/A

¬† Mark Wills ‚Äď Co-opted Governor, Vice Chair, Deputy Chair of FPI Committee & Health & Safety Governor
Appointed: April 2018 by Ridgeway Governing Body | Term of Office: 4 Years | Expires: April 2026
Business Interests: N/A 

I am very proud to be part of the governing board here at Evergreen. I joined in April 2018 serving as a governor at Ridgeway School, and have worked with schools on a professional basis for over 15 years. I recognise the importance of teaching and learning and securing the best education for all children and young people, whatever their background and ability.

I have a local authority background currently working as a health and safety manager so I am keen to use my knowledge and experience to help the school to ensure the pupils are provided with the best care, facilities and resources and receive the very best learning opportunities they can.

I live in Warwickshire with my wife, three children and our pet dog Chester. In my spare time I enjoy walking, cycling, music and watching films; Star Wars and Marvel being my favourites!

¬† Alan Beddow ‚Äď Co-opted Governor, Chair of Finance, Premises & Investment Committee
Appointed: October 2016 by Ridgeway Governing Body | Term of Office: 4 years | Expires: Feb 2023
Business Interests:¬†Member of Professional Bodies: Project Management Institute, Sainsbury’s Digital & Technology

I have been a governor originally for Ridgeway since 2005 when we were in the old building on Montague Road and with Evergreen when it opened in 2020.

I work as a Project Manager in the IT industry, working for IBM for almost 30 years, then for Sainsburys Technology since 2013.  I have been a member of the Project Management Institute from 2004.  As a co-opted governor I bring business and project management experience to the governing board.

I have lived in Warwick for over 25 years and I like to play an active part in the community.  Evergreen is a fantastic school that I have seen grow from Round Oak and Ridgeway when they were on their old sites to the incredible centre of excellence it is today catering for all ages on its two sites.  For me it’s important that the whole ethos of the school is focused around each child/young person.

I feel most proud of the school when I see happy children and young people coming in through reception in the morning, excited to see what their day will bring.

  Sue Harris РCo-opted Governor, Safeguarding Governor & Link Governor for CLA/PCLA
Appointed:  11/09/19 by Ridgeway Governing Body | Term of Office: 4 Years | Expires: September 2023
Business Interests: Trustee at Little Willows Preschool

I am an early years educator and have been the Manager of a local pre-school setting for the past 21 years. We have supported a number of children with very high-level learning difficulties, some of whom transfer to Evergreen School for their future school. I absolutely believe that education should be wholly inclusive, removing limits and offering a unique learning experience for every pupil. 

I am married and have two children, a son, who has Asperger’s and a daughter, who was diagnosed with ADHD during her university years. We are also foster parents and, in 2012, Ryan came to live with us. Ryan has a rare chromosomal disorder and attachment disorder and his complex needs were very challenging. After one term in mainstream, he was offered a place at Evergreen in 2014. Ryan has become a shining testament to the outstanding nurturing teaching, understanding and empathy that Evergreen has provided for him and our family. They gave him an environment in which he felt safe, loved and valued, where his difficulties were understood and supported and he has become an increasingly confident and calm young boy who is now able to learn.

In this ever-changing society in which we live, we need to be progressive in being able to meet the needs of all our children and young people now and in the future. I am absolutely delighted to be a member of the governing body and to be part of a team that is passionate in and committed to providing and sustaining the very best learning environment.

   Harry Azima РCo-opted Governor
Appointed:  21/05/19 by Ridgeway Governing Body | Term of Office: 4 Years | Expires: May 2023
Business Interests: N/A 

I am a Hospitality and Retail guru who has worked and lived across the globe and have worked with some of the most iconic brands in the world. I am a family man; married to a South African and blessed with 4 kids. I am a self-made business man who has founded, amongst many, the Lone Ranger Group and South African SME Federation (SASMEF) to name a few but have been active in the non-profit sector and Development of Youth since 2006. Although from an executive background, HA (as I am called mostly) is from humble beginnings and has stayed true to my roots and not only leads from the front but also has a “Can-do-attitude”. I am a mentor and an inspirational speaker who believes in developing others wherever possible.¬†

¬† ¬† Julie Johnson ‚Äď Parent Governor, Deputy Chair of Quality of Education Committee
Appointed: July 2018 by Parent Election | Term of Office: 4 Years | Expires: July 2022
Business Interests: N/A 

I started as a Parent Governor of Ridgeway School in 2018 and I am very proud to be continuing on the Board of Evergreen School. My daughter attended Ridgeway School from 2018 and has been at the Brittain Lane site since September 2020. She loves it there!

My background is in education and I have been a Primary School teacher for 25 years. Originally from Birmingham, I have taught in London, Reading, Sydney (Australia) and in Warwickshire schools. My roles have included form teacher, SENCO, Deputy Head and Acting Head. Currently, I am the Director of Studies at Warwick Preparatory School.

I am constantly impressed by the dedication of staff at Evergreen, who work relentlessly to give our children and young people the best opportunities possible. Evergreen is a forward-thinking school with an inspirational and committed leadership team and staff. As a parent, I wouldn’t wish for my daughter to be anywhere else. As an educator, I hope that my experience can support the school in achieving its vision.

¬† ¬†Bali Kandola ‚Äď Co-opted Governor
Appointed: January 2016 by Ridgeway Governing Body | Term of Office: 4 Years | Expires: Jan 2024
Business Interests: Family Support Manager at Evergreen School 

I have been part of the Ridgeway/Evergreen family for over 11 years. I have worked with children across all stages as a Teaching Assistant and I am now Evergreen’s Family Support Manager. Being part of the Governing Body has enabled me to appreciate both aspects of school life, from helping children and young people to achieve their potential to helping to create a more nurturing environment.

  Will Dennis РCo-Opted Governor
Appointed: November 2021 | Term of Office: 4 Years | Expires November 2025
Business Interests: N/A 

I am the Head of Sustainability for an organic farm business, having worked in retail and hospitality operations for 15 years. I come from a family of teachers and have always shaped my management style around coaching and actively encouraging personal development. I have recently joined the Governing Board, where I hope to combine my experience and passion for ecology to support a strong environmental programme at Evergreen.

I live in Leamington with my wife Sarah, and we spend most of our spare time walking, cycling, or running around after our nieces and nephews.


  Mark Freeman РCo-Opted Governor
Appointed: November 2021 | Term of Office: 4 Years | Expires November 2025
Business Interests: N/A 

As a chartered surveyor by profession, I have spent over 30 years working in the construction industry, centred around the delivery of new or refurbished school and higher education buildings and facilities.
I have a personal interest in SEN education, having a close family member with significant learning needs. I have always been inspired by the learning environments in which he spent his formative years and the staff who worked so hard to give him as much assistance as possible.
I feel privileged to have been invited to join the Governing Body of Evergreen School and can only hope that I am able to use both my professional and personal expertise and experience to assist the school to deliver its Vision and further enhance and improve its already excellent environments at both sites.
On a personal level, I live locally with my wife, Dianne and a labrador named Kali. Our two children are grown up now, with one being a police officer and the other away at university. I am also a Trustee of a charitable trust, as well as the honorary secretary of Ashorne and Moreton Morrell Cricket Club. Although sadly, my playing days now seem to have come to an end, cricket and rugby remain keen interests of mine, along with walking and cooking.
I hope that I can justify my position as a Governor and do justice to the role expected of me.
   Tony Massey РCo-Opted Governor
Appointed: July 2021 | Term of Office: 4 Years | Expires July 2025
Business Interests: N/A 

¬†Michelle Buckley ‚Äď Parent Governor, Finance, Premises and Investment Committee

Appointed: July 2021 by Parent Election | Term of Office: 4 Years | Expires: July 2025

Business Interests: Treasurer and Trustee of Friends of Evergreen School Charity

I was really pleased to be elected as a Parent Governor of Evergreen School in July 2021 and to have the opportunity to be involved in the governance of this wonderful school.

I am a mum to two boys and my youngest is a very enthusiastic pupil at the Brittain Lane site. He started nursery at the Deansway site in 2012 and, after spending three years in mainstream, returned there in 2017. He made the move up to the Brittain Lane site in September 2020, where he couldn’t be happier.

Professionally, I am a self-employed Chartered Accountant, whose job involves critically reviewing and questioning financial information. I am also the Treasurer for the Friends of Evergreen School charity and have been involved in this role since 2018. I am really committed to Evergreen School, and have been amazed by what has been achieved during what has been an incredibly difficult period for everyone. I am looking forward to helping the school to achieve its plans to further improve the lives of our children and young people.

¬† ¬†Megan Whittle ‚Äď Clerk to Governors

Appointed: September 2021 by Evergreen Governing Body | Term of Office: 4 Years | Expires: September 2025 Business Interests: School Business Manager at Evergreen School



We are currently looking for two Co-Opted Governors to join our friendly Governing Body. Our governors come from a range of different backgrounds, skills and experience but all share a common interest of striving for the best possible outcomes for the children and young people in our school.

We would be delighted to hear from anyone who:-

  • Is interested in children‚Äôs education and the performance of the school
  • Is community spirited and would like to represent the community
  • Has spare time and the energy for the role
  • Is able to work well as part of a team
  • Has an enquiring mind and the confidence to ask questions and debate issues that affect the school
  • Can consider matters objectively and make informed judgments

We are particularly keen to find people with skills/experience in fundraising or finance. Co-opted Governors are appointed directly by the governing body.

If you would like to find our more, please contact Ian Pavey (Chair of Governors) by email on or by phone on 07909 536774.

What does the role offer?

  • A chance to develop your own personal skills
  • Access to a programme of free training in respect of education / governance matters
  • A sense of achievement in helping make a difference to children reaching their potential
  • The support and guidance from fellow governors