My Skills for Life

One of our underpinning aims at Evergreen School is to equip our pupils with the skills they will need in future years and throughout their lives. For every child and young person this will look very different and that is reflected within this area of the curriculum. We want to provide opportunities to develop workplace skills in the familiar environment of school and the classroom. We also want pupils to develop their citizenship skills to feel part of a valued team and understand how they can support others. For some this area will be at early stages of development; building awareness of our environment and being comfortable within the community. For others this will be about recognising and developing skills and interests which will grow with us.

We strive for our pupils to become valued members of the community; taking on active roles and being able to move around independently, accessing facilities which will benefit them now and into the future. The skills we need for life include everything from being able to communicate our basic needs, pouring ourselves a drink or making a cup of tea to securing employment and a means of making money.


Curriculum Improvement Lead- Stephen Poole