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Green Team

Last September Evergreen School formed a Green Team. The Green Team is adult-led at the moment, due to national restrictions. This hasn’t stopped the students getting involved though! The Green Team have implemented:

  • Upcycling projects
  • Litter picking
  • Environmental displays
  • Large scale recycling of batteries, crisp packets and old plastic pens!
  • House plants around the school
  • Growing potatoes at Deansway

The school has achieved such a variety of environmental aid in a very short time!

Evergreen School have entered into a programme called Eco-Schools which is in association with ‘Keep Britain Tidy’. Schools need to work through various topics to earn a Green Flag Award. This enables the school to be recognised as an environmentally friendly school.

Evergreen has achieved both Bronze and Silver Award from Eco-Schools across both sites which has been a great collaborative effort from both staff and students. Two displays from the Brittain Lane Site have even been put on the Eco-schools website because the assessor was so pleased with them!

In Art lessons, Wren Group have focused on the environment and recycling. They were inspired to create their art installation (pictured below), from a piece of art titled, “Where Does the Rubbish Go?” which used bottle tops to make a scenic landscape and old plastic bottles to create a sea creature.

The purpose of creating their display was to show that, with a little creativity, ‘rubbish’ can be reused and re-loved whilst raising awareness of plastic pollution in our oceans. Pupils in Evergreen are very eco-friendly and are particularly motivated during lessons that touch on environmental issues.


Evergreen has a whole-school topic titled, ‘Saving Our Planet’ and created this display to highlight their work on this theme. The board includes artwork and posters students have designed and created, to raise awareness of environmental issues amongst their schoolmates and staff members. It also includes letters pupils wrote to Sir David Attenborough. These letters thanked him for making enjoyable programmes, raising awareness of environmental issues and generally being a massive inspiration to all of Evergreen’s students and staff! Amazingly, Sir David replied thanking students for their kind words and that he is glad Evergreen students are doing their best to protect the planet too!

We have now achieved the Green Flag Award and our Green Flags are proudly displayed at both sites! Click on the Flag to find out more!:

The Green Team