Evergreen Community Book Café

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Our vision

All our young people have the right to reach their full potential, feel included and be valued members of our society. We want them to discover, acknowledge and develop their full potential. To be as independent as possible and to remove the barriers to being part of their local community and working within it. Equality and diversity is fundamental within Evergreen School.


Our rationale

Nationally, 52.3% of disabled people are in employment (House of Commons Library Paper Number 7540, 24 May 2021 Disabled people in employment by Andrew Powell) but this drops significantly to only 5.9% (https://dfnfoundation.org/employability.html) for people with a learning disability. Many of our young people are missing out on the right to aspire to a career, better health and emotional well-being and the increased independence that comes from having a job.


Our mission

Our Evergreen Community Book Café aims to address this imbalance through offering our young people an in-house work experience. It’s a safe and supportive work environment where making mistakes is seen as a valuable part of the learning process. It is designed to provide the perfect opportunity to learn new skills, build confidence and develop social and interaction skills whilst gaining valuable experience within a professional work environment.


The Evergreen Community Book Café brings us all together. It allows the wider community to interact with our young people with learning difficulties, strengthening our relationships, understanding and valuing one another’s differences.





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