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Class Dojo is an online app used by staff to communicate with you. There is a school story where important updates are shared with all parents – it is important for you to check this regularly to ensure you remain up-to-date.

Please click on the picture to go to the classdojo website. Alternatively you can download the app on your smartphone.

Dojo also has an individual portfolio for your child and a class section. This is where school staff can share photos, videos and messages about your child’s day, and you can also post photos or videos from home if you wish to. Please check Dojo every day and respond to any comments by staff whenever you can. If your child is travelling on school transport we won’t see you very often – therefore the new communication system helps to maintain regular contact with you.  Dojo is regularly checked by staff throughout the day, enabling you to easily send a message after your child has left for school or throughout the day.

It is particularly important to let us know if your child has slept poorly, seems out of sorts or has fallen out of step with usual daily routines of eating and toileting. This will help us to care for your child at school. It is also useful if parents and carers could inform us about activities carried out at home such as an outing or going swimming etc., to enable us to talk about these with your children. Please avoid giving messages to transport staff as we cannot ensure that this information will reliably reach staff in the classroom.

Members of SLT, the Family Support Workers, Admin staff, Speech and Language Therapists and Class Staff all use dojo to communicate with you.

Please contact us if you have any queries at all – we are always happy to talk should you have any concerns. At Evergreen School we work closely with parents and carers to support the children and ensure they make the best progress.