My Physical Skills

At Evergreen School, we aim to provide a safe, supportive but challenging environment that allows our pupils to develop a love of physical activity so that as they move forward into adulthood they can become a healthy, active member of the community.  

We want our pupils to : 

  • develop their fundamental and movement skills including their fine motor and bilateral integration skills.  
  • further develop their emotional resilience and have a healthy outlook on competitive situations showing an ability to cope with winning and losing in a fair and respectful way. 
  • enhance their independence and life skills and show that they are able to understand and follow different rules as an individual and as a part of a team 
  • provide a sound basis of swimming skills and knowledge and to aim for our pupils to develop the life skills of swimming including basic life saving and water safety with the goal that our pupils can swim independently up to 25m. 

The My Physical Skill curriculum will give pupils the opportunity to: 

  • Be exposed to, engage in, learn and discover PE skills, including motor skills through varied, individualised and bespoke learning opportunities. 
  • Access a broad and varied curriculum that is sequenced to encourage challenge and progression within multiple sporting areas giving the pupils transferable skills. 
  • Develop a knowledge on how to be a healthy active citizen and how to look after not only their body but their mind. 
  • Take risks in their learning, acknowledge and understand how to rectify mistakes and misconceptions but, above all, challenge themselves. 

Pupils will be exposed to My Physical Skills learning experiences that will begin with a multi-sensory approach, focusing on developing the key fundamental movement skills, with a continuous provision and outdoor learning. As pupils’ progress throughout the school, they will experience discrete lessons delivered in a structured and sequential way, this will also include additional extra-curricular opportunities. The curriculum has been carefully designed by drawing upon the National Curriculum as well as external evidence-based practise to create roadmaps and different strands within the My Physical Skills curriculum area.  

The My Physical Skills curriculum will provide a therapeutic, sensory and motor function-based approach for our pupils within the Roots strand of the curriculum. This could include Hydrotherapy, Physiotherapy, Sensory Circuits and therapeutic provision that encourages a range of approaches to encompass a sensory diet. Pupils working within Branches will endeavour to apply their fundamental movement skills towards different sporting areas and start to access a range of different competitive opportunities and the early skills within leadership. Within 6th form strand of the curriculum, pupils will have access to accredited courses, have creative direction with the provision that is available within leisure time and be encouraged to be a sports leader and organise and run different sporting events for our younger pupils.  

We understand the importance of physical activity within the learning journey of our pupils and therefore aspire to provide high quality teaching with a broad range of opportunities and activities that will develop each individual at a personal level. My Physical Skills acknowledges the importance of not only physical health & well-being but the significance of emotional and mental well-being too. 

At Evergreen School, we want our pupils to develop their determination and self-belief skills, showing resilience to difficult challenges and applying a growth mindset where they are not afraid to try new things, learn from their mistakes and by understanding that having a positive effort and attitude can determine the outcome and success within different physical activities.  

We aim to deliver a creative, ambitious and broad My Physical Skills curriculum which is rich with knowledge and skills and to experience meaningful, motivating and memorable learning experiences for all our pupils. We strive to ignite new passions that will follow our pupils into adulthood. By the time our pupils leave Evergreen School they would have experienced success in areas of the My Physical Skills Curriculum, developed employable and functional skills that can transfer to other areas within their lives and developed a resilience and work ethic to continue even when faced with adversity, they would have discovered a passion that will continue to keep them physically active moving into adulthood. 


Curriculum Improvement Lead- Emma Lincoln