EVG Champions

Health Champions!

Public Health Campaigns

This year we are taking part in a number of Public Health Campaigns, developed by Warwickshire School Health and Wellbeing Service. These are designed to empower children and young people to promote health and wellbeing messages across our school community.

At the beginning of the process, we elected our Health Champions. They were selected from Squirrel Group and this gave the whole class an opportunity to practise the British Value of Democracy when each pupil voted for who they would like to be one of the Champions.

Every few weeks we take part in a new campaign. Our first one was promoting the value of kind words. The Health Champions came up with a list of words we could use to say to a friend. We recorded them reading out the list and shared it to our school community via ClassDojo.

Our second campaign was linked to Anti-Bullying Week. Here at Evergreen we decided to focus on ‘It’s Good to be Me’. We invited everyone in school to wear odd socks on a particular day to celebrate how our differences are what makes us special.

Two of the main reasons we are keen for our school to be involved in the Public Health Campaigns is because they provide opportunities for real-life learning across all of our curriculum areas and they enable our pupils to have a voice in how we can all help ourselves stay healthy.

We are looking forward to taking part in some more campaigns soon.


Our Diversity Champion!

Our new Diversity Champion for 2023-24 is Dexter (photo coming soon!)