Evergreen Outreach Programme

The Outreach Service for schools

We acknowledge there are huge capacity pressures for special schools and this has resulted in pressures on mainstream provision to meet the increasingly complex needs of the children and young people who do not have a place in specialist provision.

Based on this, Evergreen School are able provide a purchasable service for mainstream schools to help support the needs of an individual child/young person or group of children/young people. This service will allow staff to build upon their existing skills, knowledge and expertise so that they are better equipped to meet the increasingly complex needs of those learners with SEND.

For more information click the PDF below.

Evergreen Outreach Support and Advice Information Leaflet


** February 2022 Update: Unfortunately we are not currently able to take on any more schools for our Outreach Programme at this time, as we are now at full capacity. Please keep an eye on this page for further updates regarding our Outreach Offer **